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Water Infiltration Case Study

Defect Analysis and Repair:

Project Management Services

The owners' of this luxury single family home discovered water damage at several window sills and ceiling locations within their home. JSA was retained and quickly evaluated the situation and identified potential causes for the infiltration. A small team of subcontractors was hired to peform selective demolition at areas throughout the home which allowed for further visual review while water testing was done on the homes exterior. Test results, construction drawing review and visual inspection led to the development of an overall repair plan, schedule and budget that was presented to the owner. The plan was approved and repairs were made. All consultant and trade contractor work was directly managed by JSA which provided a significant cost savings to the owners. Please watch the slideshow below to see the steps that were taken for this repair work.




Chicago, Illinois


Project Management


Damage Evaluation


Team Procurement

Design Administration

Bid Procurement

Contact Negotiation

Schedule & Budget Management

Permit Process Management

Project Accounting

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