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No more surprises. We tell you what your risks are.

Managing any capital project requires time and a working knowlegdge of potential risks. If you are not able to provide both, you are at financial risk. JSA provides a one-time project risk evaluation of the critical components of your project to provide a SNAPSHOT of your potential risks moving forward. The result is a comprehensive report providing a clear understanding of where you stand contractually, financially and schedule-wise. By being better informed, we give you the information that you need to be able to make sound decisions moving forward. 

SNAPSHOT services may include:

Regulatory and entitlement review

Agreement review: design, construction, loan

Contract document review

Construction budget analysis

Contingency budget analysis

Schedule review

Insurance policy review

Site visit and meetings with project team members

Contractors application for payment review

Buyout status of letting of subcontract review

Work-in-place vs. available funding review

Partial waiver review

Change order review

Project Report

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