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Our values define us.

At Jeffrey Sell Associates our culture comes from our beliefs, values and the principles we embrace as members of our firm. We want working with JSA to provide a positive and lasting impact for those with whom we do business.



The performance and resultant success of our firm rests on our ability to be honest and trustworthy. Being ethically unyielding and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.


We value diversity and the unique contributions that each individual brings to the dynamic process of real estate development.  This belief fosters a trusting, open and inclusive environment by treating each other in a manner that reflects our values.


We recognize that we cannot be successful without the efforts of others. We strive to foster an inclusive environment where ideas and thoughts are freely exchanged and routinely challenged to build consensus.


We believe that enthusiasm and joy bring an important balance to our framework for working relationships. We enjoy our relationsihps with the people with whom we do business; internally, with our clients, our business associates and within the local community.


We take pride and ownership in all that we say and do. We work hard and are dedicated to our clients and their projects success. We strive for excellence and are diligent and thorough in our preparation, decided in our actions and confident in the quality and value of the work product we provide.  


We listen objectively to both sides of an issue and are sensiive to others viewpoints. We realize that we are dealing with peoples livelihoods and understand the impact of our decisons and recommendations.

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