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Private Residence

Single Family Residential:

Project Management Services

Designed as a house in the garden, this architecturally significant residence has received critical claim for its overall design and innovation. The use of vertical and horizontal post-tensioning created a cantilivered structure that allowed floor to ceiling glass to be used around the entire perimeter of the home blending outside with inside while the second floor volume seemingly floats above it. Other design elements like vertical light shafts, water, art objects and lighting are used creatively throughout the home. The meticulous attention to detail in the use of bronze, stone and wood in the homes interior finishes reinforces the quality of this landmark museum-quality home.




Chicago, Illinois


Project Management


Schedule & Budget Management

Permit Process Management

Team Procurement

Design Administration

Owner Vendor Coordination

Construction Administration

Project Accounting

Project Facts:

12,750 sf

Five City Lot Infill


AIA Chicago Honor Award

AIA Chicago Divine Detail Award

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